The Fog (1980)


The Fog (1980)

  • Release Date:  1980
  • Genre:  Supernatural Power
  • Director:  John Carpenter
  • Screenwriter:  Debra Hill, John Carpenter

The Fog (1980)Rating:

  • Dylan = 8 / 10;
  • Raoul = 6.5 / 10;
  • Andrew = 9 / 10;

The Fog (1980) Synopsis:

Exactly a hundred years after the deaths of six sailors, the city of Antonio Bay find itself prey to a glowing fog that will soon proves to be filled with hostile zombies.

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The Fog (1980) Review:

The Fog is one of the many classics by master of horror John Carpenter, maybe not the best, but far from the worst too. It tells the life of a quiet coast town, whose inhabitants prepare to celebrate the city’s 100th birthday. The usual characters of a American movie from the 70’s  are here, including the mayor, the radio woman, etc…  In that, the story itself resembles so many other horror films from the same period (for some reason, it resemble Stephen King’s inspired movie, which are also always located in little Aerican town)

As for the horror aspect of it, the idea of the fog is an interesting and unusual one. The dead sailors, a mix between ghosts and zombies, are simply here to flesh out the action, because the real star of the show here is the fog itself. Watching it slowly cover the city and enter houses and cabin is both stressful and suspenseful. The Fog is, in my opinion, one of the best illustration of the genius of John Carpenter as an horror movie director. All of you horror English movie geeks, should really like this one.

A really pleasant and easy watch for every horror lovers, and a must-see for Carpenter’s fans.

The Fog (1980) Cast:

Cast overview, first billed only:
Adrienne Barbeau Adrienne Barbeau Stevie Wayne
Jamie Lee Curtis Jamie Lee Curtis Elizabeth Solley
Janet Leigh Janet Leigh Kathy Williams
John Houseman John Houseman Mr. Machen
Tom Atkins Tom Atkins Nick Castle
James Canning James Canning Dick Baxter
Charles Cyphers Charles Cyphers Dan O’Bannon
Nancy Kyes Nancy Kyes Sandy Fadel
Ty Mitchell Ty Mitchell Andy Wayne
Hal Holbrook Hal Holbrook Father Malone
John F. Goff John F. Goff Al Williams (as John Goff)
George 'Buck' Flower George ‘Buck’ Flower Tommy Wallace
Regina Waldon Regina Waldon Mrs. Kobritz
Jim Haynie Jim Haynie Dockmaster
Darrow Igus Darrow Igus Mel

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