The Dentist (1996)


The Dentist (1996)

  • Release Date:  1996
  • Genre:  Phobic
  • Director:  Brian Yuzna
  • Screenwriter:  Charles Finch, Dennis Paoli, Stuart Gordon

The Dentist (1996) Rating

  • Dylan = 5 / 10;
  • Simina = 6 / 10

The Dentist (1996) Synopsis:

When he discovers that his wife is seeing someone else, a successful dentist gets totally mad and starts having strange hallucinations.

The Dentist (1996) Review:

The movie is based on a nice innovative concept that is something we pretty much all fear….the dentist! From that, the movie could have been so good! The main actor (the dentist) plays well and you really get to live through his descent into madness as he gets hallucinations. The camera effects are noticeably nice.

The Dentist (1996) Cast:

Corbin Bernsen Corbin Bernsen Dr. Alan Feinstone
Linda Hoffman Linda Hoffman Brooke Feinstone
Michael Stadvec Michael Stadvec Matt
Ken Foree Ken Foree Detective Gibbs
Tony Noakes Tony Noakes Detective Sunshine
Molly Hagan Molly Hagan Jessica
Patty Toy Patty Toy Karen
Jan Hoag Jan Hoag Candy
Virginya Keehne Virginya Keehne Sarah
Earl Boen Earl Boen Marvin Goldblum
Christa Sauls Christa Sauls April Reign
Mark Ruffalo Mark Ruffalo Steve Landers
Lise Simms Lise Simms Paula Roberts
Joanne Baron Joanne Baron Mrs. Saunders
Brian McLaughlin Brian McLaughlin Jody

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